Preparing your property for a sale

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2023

Preparing your property for a sale

Spring has officially sprung and if you are thinking of putting your property on a market its important to put some effort into making it presentable to sell.  Not only is this likely to increase the number of offers made on your property but it could also help you reach your desired asking price.

Most people’s first impressions of your home will come when either passing the Gascoigne Halman sales board outside or browsing properties online.  Competition for property sales is strongest in spring so it’s vital to ensure your home has superb visual appeal and stands out amongst the competition.

With longer days now here, it’s the perfect time to invest those extra daylight hours in spring cleaning your property for a sale. 

Here’s our top tips to help get your property spruced up to sell:

The exterior

First Impressions count: the exterior of your property is the first thing a prospective buyer sees. Keep it neat and clean. The front door is particularly important as it is a focal point and as people tend to drive past a house before making an appointment to view.  Invest in some colourful planters or hanging baskets, buy a new doormat and give the front door and windows a clean!

Tidy the garden: be sure that lawns are well trimmed and weeded and keep your gardens neat.  If you have children’s equipment, tidy it away or put it all together in one area of the garden. A tidy garden looks great viewed from a window and also looks bigger than an unkept one.

The interior

Clear out the garage: a cluttered garage gives the wrong impression of size.  A clear garage is a blank canvas for a prospective buyer’s favourite hobby.

Put your home on display: prepare your home as if you are expecting guests - fresh flowers and plants can make all the difference.

Consider redecorating: If any part of your house needs decoration badly, redecorate if possible and keep it neutral.

Tidy wardrobes and cupboards: look larger and give a good impression. If cupboards and fitted wardrobes look overcrowded when opened, a buyer may feel they are too small for their requirements.

See to those odd jobs: fix squeaky doors, dripping taps etc.

Clear stairways are essential: objects on any stairs are dangerous and present a crowded appearance.

Neat bedrooms help sales: make sure the beds are well made and that dressing tables and drawer surfaces are neatly arranged.

Sparkling bathrooms: are essential. If you can create a spa impression with fluffy towels, scented candles and no clutter – even better!

Light is important: bright rooms are cheerful rooms to a prospective buyer. If a room is dark, try to keep it as light as possible by drawing curtains back and using carefully positioned lamps.

How to secure an offer on your property

You’ve done the hard work preparing your property for a sale, but do you understand the art of property viewings?

Our expert team of estate agents have years of experience in successfully presenting houses to prospective buyers. 

There are two routes you can take, either sit back and allow us to manage all of your viewings or, if you are comfortable, you can oversee viewings yourself.  Either way it’s vital that from the second a prospective buyers steps into your property, work is underway to present it in the best possible light.

If you can make visitors feel at home in your home, you are halfway to a sale.  Here's our top tips for successful viewings:

Too many introductions are distracting: It is advisable for one person to show the viewer around. Don't have the whole family trailing inquisitively behind! This allows the buyer to concentrate on the house.

Create a calming and inviting atmosphere: Turn off radios and televisions so your visitors can view your property in peace.  If your property is in a noisy location – keep the windows shut!

Keep pets at a distance: Dogs and cats are a distraction and at worst a turn off.

Consider scent: There are plenty of great home fragrance options, go for something neutralising and fresh that isn’t overpowering. 

Night viewings: Turn on any outside lights when showing the house after dark. Also have the house well lit throughout when the time of appointment nears.

If we are handling the viewing: During an accompanied viewing it is best that your estate agent handles all the discussions. Let us show the property for you and hold back on joining in any discussions about the pros and cons of your home.  We will report back to you after the viewing on the prospective buyers’ thoughts and any concerns/questions they may have.

If you are handling the viewing: Never apologise for the appearance of your home: it will only draw attention to something that would otherwise have probably gone unnoticed. Do not try to sell the buyer any furniture, carpets or fittings. This complicates the sale and detracts interest from the house. Do not get involved in a discussion with the buyer if they object or remark about a room arrangement or some other point about the property. Do not enter negotiations with the buyer.  We are trained to handle these negotiations on your behalf and have extensive experience in securing the best offer for you.

Happy viewings!