“If the price is right!”

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2023

“If the price is right!”

With many factors impacting the current property market including cost of living concerns and evolving mortgage rates, house hunters and sellers should be paying closer attention to property pricing.

Running 23 local offices across Cheshire, South Manchester and the High Peak, at Gascoigne Halman we know all too well that correct valuations are critical to making good financial decisions and securing swift moves this summer.

“May is one of the most popular months of the year for entering the housing market and it is absolutely vital, whether you are buying or selling a property, that it is priced correctly,” commented Gascoigne Halman’s executive chairman, John Halmanl. “Buyers in the current market are cautious and there is nothing more suspicious than a property that enters the market at one price only to be later re-listed at a wildly different value. Not only is that confusing for buyers but it’s also disheartening for homeowners when a sale is delayed due to bad valuation advice.

“Online property portals can provide some idea of what a property may be worth, but every home is unique and even an identical looking property on your street could have a significantly different value. If a property is priced incorrectly at the outset, whether that is too low, too high or outside of an accurate guide price, it can have a huge impact on how quickly you are able to move. 

“There is simply no substitute for local estate agents with an intimate knowledge of your local area. Our expert teams deliver accurate valuations and advice that ensures you secure the right offer for your home and don’t pay over the odds for your next property. Hundreds of homeowners across the region have already instructed us this year and we are really looking forward to welcoming them to their new properties in due course.”

Property valuations with Gascoigne Halman are completely free of charge with no obligation. Get in touch today and we will provide you with an accurate, expert valuation and the advice you need to get moving this summer.