Becoming the Buyer Everyone Wants: Tips from Gascoigne Halman

Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Becoming the Buyer Everyone Wants: Tips from Gascoigne Halman

In the competitive world of property, standing out as a buyer can make all the difference.

Robert Reed, manager of our Tarporley office recently shared his insights into how to become the most attractive buyer for your dream property during an Instagram Live session.

Robert shared strategies buyers can use to put themselves in the strongest possible position before making an offer on their dream home.  Here are the key takeaways to help you secure your next move:

Build a Strong Profile:

  • Financial Readiness:  Sellers favour buyers who are financially prepared and can move quickly. Ensure you have a mortgage in principle and proof of funds ready.  Whether you have or haven’t already got a mortgage, arrange a free chat with our mortgage team to discuss your situation and ensure you are ready to make an offer.
  • Flexibility: Sellers appreciate buyers who can work with their timescale and listen to what they want.  For various reasons they could desire a swift move or they may wish for you to wait a few months until they are ready for proceed.  Either way, if your house isn’t already on the market, talk to us and get it listed.  If your property is already sold or under offer that will show the seller that you are a serious buyer, prepared to do all it takes to secure their home.

Make a Personal Connection:

  • Write a Letter: Sometimes, it’s not just about sellers securing the highest possible price for a property. A heartfelt letter passed to the seller via your estate agent explaining why you love their property can set you apart.  What is it about this home that appeals to you and how will you maintain it if you lucky enough to be its next owner?  Perhaps its somewhere you want to grow your family, or it has a beautiful garden that you wish to maintain.  Sharing who you are as a buyer can help forge a good connection with the seller.

Work with Experts:

  • Choose the right estate agent: A proven local estate agent, who understands the market you wish to buy in and has a strong professional network, can advocate for you effectively.  As a regional estate agency, we have often represented sellers before or been involved in a previous purchase or sale of the property you are interested in.  That level of connection and professional insight can make a big difference when it comes to negotiations.
  • Legal Preparedness: Have a solicitor ready to go. This shows you’re serious and not just window shopping.  If you don’t have a preferred solicitor, we can happily recommend one.

In summary, the best way increase your chances of securing your dream home is to present yourself as both a committed and desirable buyer. It’s about more than just the bid; it’s about presenting a complete package that gives sellers confidence and peace of mind.

For more advice on navigating the property market, stay tuned to our social channels on Facebook and Instagram or visit your local Gascoigne Halman office.  Our friendly and knowledgeable local teams are always happy to chat and share their expertise.