Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why bother with a survey, it just adds costs?

A. Whether this is your first home purchase or you have moved a number of times, you will want to protect your financial investment and avoid unforeseen expenditure just after you have moved in, at a time when funds are often stretched.

Q. The mortgage lender is carrying out an inspection, isn't that enough?

A. The lender will normally carry out a valuation appraisal which is very limited in its nature and extent. It is unlikely to reveal all the significant defects in the property. It may also not be disclosed to you.

Q. Surveys are only for old, very large and expensive properties?

A. Whilst significant defects are likely to be more common in such properties, problems can nonetheless develop in a relatively modern building. Different types of surveys are available to cover all property types, and the level of information required by the purchaser.

Q. Survey Costs?

A. Survey fees have remained competitive in recent years and can be considered relatively inexpensive in relation to the defects they may reveal. Typical homebuyer surveys fees start at about £250 plus VAT and a building survey from £350 plus VAT.

Q. How can my survey save me money?

A. Many of our clients have saved well in excess of their survey fees as purchase prices can often be renegotiated and reduced after a survey reveals previously unknown defects.

Q. Are energy performance certificates just 'hot air'?

A. An energy performance certificate can be invaluable to both the buyer and seller if they wish to reduce energy costs and make the property 'greener'.

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